Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day 365: What A Year.

That's my 2011 as expressed in Sleep No More totems. I didn't keep absolutely everything: there's a missing Hecate boat, a lot of missing Banquo torn cards, and my second nail. But that's all 16 entry cards, to which one more will be added tonight as I celebrate the end of this incredible year in the place that was very much the echo for all the transformations that took place.

This concludes my 365 Project! I am incredibly pleased with how it went. My photography and editing skills improved considerably, and I certainly achieved what I set out to do – I pushed myself to explore new places, but also to open my eyes to detail and wonder in the places I walk and work every day.

I hope 2012 brings as much change and challenge and joy as 2011 did.

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