Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 95: Traumhaft Schlaflos

Oh the magic of editing.

You will certainly recall Day 66 for my first photo of a Sleep No More mask.

In the intervening month (has it really only been that long?) my interest in the show has grown into full-blown enchantment. We went back on April 1 as part of Matt's birthday celebration, and last night I bought a ticket for April 29. As soon as more May dates open (provided this occurs) there'll be another visit while Greg is back in town.

The masks evoke some degree of association with Eyes Wide Shut. I unsurprisingly take that the next step and wonder about synergies with Traumnovelle. All three of these are narratives that exploit my relationship to my own voyeurism, and I'm continually surprised and impressed by the power of that. More to come on the Schnitzler aspect, which if present, is entirely accidental to the SNM production, but potentially incisive.

Also more to come, probably alongside a photo about something completely different, about what makes Sleep No More so incredible.

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