Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 72: Medals

Here are the silly medals they were giving out at the meet (New York State Short-Course Yards Championships - which is not to suggest that all masters' swimming in NYS was represented).

My results:
200 Free: 2:07, 6th place
50 Free: 24.05, 2nd place
100 Free: 54.4, 4th place
200 Medley Relay: 24.3 split, 1st place
200 Free Relay: 23.5 split, 1st place

Winning the relays was a great high point to the weekend, and I am really happy about my results overall. They're on par with 11th grade, which makes sense since I'm training about as hard right now as I did then. If I want to be hitting 21.9/49.7/1:53 obviously I'll need to be in the water something like 14 hours a week and lifting.

I had so much fun with my team the past two days and just feel incredibly happy right now.

Big day in New Haven tomorrow.

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